Risk Management Under Impacts of Macro Economic Factors Ina Big Seafood Ex-Import Firm -Angiang Fisheries Ex-Import Jsc. In Vietnam
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Ph.D., Banking Univeristy HCMC, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
MBA., Banking University, HCM cityVietnam, Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan, Niigata, Japan
Online publication date: 2021-08-10
Management 2021;25(1):172-185
AnGiang Fisheries Ex-Import Joint Stock Company (AGF) was established in 2001. Agifish has traditionally beena leader in the fields of production and business activities, scientific research in the field of fingerling production, seafood processing technology and the development of value added products processed from Basa fish, tra fish. Agifish cares about buildinga spirit of solidarity between leaders, managers and workers striving for the development of the Company. Because we figure out there isa research gap in which many previous studies forgot to explore both internal and external macroeconomic elements and their impacts on stock price of Agifish (AGF),a big Vietnam fisheries firm, in the context Viet Nam and the US economies receive impacts from global economic crisis. With the using of quantitative analysis and statistics, regression OLS, together with qualitative methods including synthesis, comparison and explanatory methods, authors recognize that, ina six factor model, AGF stock price goes up together with effects from increase in GDP growth and lending rate declines. Last but not least, our research model can be expanded to other markets.
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