Innovations in e-business – new ways of delivery of food products over the Internet in the opinion of potential customers
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Wroclaw University of Economics Department of Economics and Organization of Enterprises
Online publication date: 2012-12-28
Management 2012;16(2):256-268
Innovations in e-business - new ways of delivery of food products over the Internet in the opinion of potential customers According to research online sales of food enjoy bigger and bigger Internet users interest. However, selling online such products isn’t free from logistic costs connected with the necessity of the geographically-spread client on the one hand and an indispensably fast delivery of food on the other hand. This article aims at presenting an innovative Freshbox project that may solve the last mile issue in online grocery. The Freshbox project is about installing a vending machine - refrigerator in an office building giving out previously ordered food products via the Internet. The author presented an analysis of online grocery, characteristics of the Freshbox project, as well as results of research conducted among potential clients referring to the following points: market chances for Freshbox project and the conditions of success in the eyes of potential customers.
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