A four-phase framework for Lean implementation in small and medium enterprises
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Ph.D., Faculty of Industrial and Energy Management, Electric Power University, Hanoi, Vietnam
Online publication date: 2021-09-10
Management 2021;25(1):259-277
Although Lean has been known and applied in both theoretical and practical on around the world for many years,a deeper understanding of Lean tools, principles implementation, anda roadmap to successfully apply is needed. In the context of Small and medium enterprises (SME), it is very difficult for local enterprises to apply synchronization Lean tools, techniques, and principles because of limited resources in manpower, technology, and management capability. Through the case-based study, this paper proposed the four-phase roadmap for Lean application in SMEs. An analysis of methods froma literature review of Lean implementation was conducted in order to identify the phases of the roadmap. Then, six SMEs in Vietnam that applied Lean were chosen to collect data and analyze the applicability and how Lean tools are successful implemented in the cases to confirm the findings.
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